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Insurance Coverages

Property Insurance - Currently, the County's buildings, fleet vehicles and inland marine equipment are insured. This insurance provides protection against common perils, such as fire, theft and some weather damage.

Boiler & Machinery - The County carries boiler and machinery insurance. In its broadest context, boiler and machinery insurance has to do with insuring equipment that generates, uses or transmits power and is more accurately described as "equipment breakdown coverage".

Commercial Crime & Public Employee Dishonesty - Currently, the County carries this coverage to protect against hazards such as crime, forgery, alteration, dishonesty, pilfering, computer fraud and theft of money and securities.

Workers' Compensation Coverage - As of April 1, 2012, the County self-insures this risk for all County employees. It provides wage replacement and medical cost coverage for employees who suffer injury from accidents "in the scope of and arising out of" their employment.

Workers' Compensation Excess/Stop Gap Coverage - The County carries this coverage, which indemnifies the County should a claim cost exceed certain financial thresholds.

Flood Insurance - The County insures all of its properties that reside in a 100 year flood plain through the Federal Emergency Management Association's [FEMA] National Flood Insurance Program. The County's common perils property policy also provides some flood insurance protections.

Obtaining Proof of Insurance Coverage/Accord Certificate - To order a certificate, please contact Risk Manager Jerry Bower CWCP, ARM at (614) 525-4642 or

For specific answers to questions on these insurances, please contact Risk Manager Jerry Bower CWCP, ARM at (614) 525-4642 or