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Recognition Programs

The Franklin County Board of Commissioners is noted for having loyal, efficient and dedicated employees who provide valuable services to the citizens of Franklin County. We are proud of this tradition of public service and the competent, committed and dedicated employees who provide these services to and for Franklin County.

To express its appreciation to its valued employees, the County has adopted a policy of recognizing employees for committed dedicated and outstanding service. Thus, the County Employee Recognition Program is a significant component of the Human Resources System.

Employee of the Year

The purpose of The Board of Commissioners Employee Recognition Program is to:

  • provide management tools to recognize ongoing employee dedication, a means to reinforce and acknowledge significant contributions, and retain employee commitment
  • educate Franklin County citizens about the significant contributions local government employees make to the quality of our lives
  • encourage esprit de corps among county employees and
  • promote local government careers

Years of Service Recognition

The success of local government in providing services to meet the needs of Franklin County and its citizens is dependent on the efforts of County employees. It is, therefore, important for the County to have competent, committed and dedicated employees to provide effective and efficient services to and for the community.

To express its appreciation to valued employees, the County has adopted a policy of recognizing continued dedicated service through a Years of Service Awards for its current and future employees, thereby contributing to attraction, retention and development of high-quality employees, staff and leaders within a diverse local government.

The program provides:

  • Management a tool to recognize ongoing employee dedication and a means to reinforce, acknowledge, and retain employee commitment during the first years of service and at critical milestones.

The Service Awards Program recognizes employees' Total Years of service in increments of five years through retirement. For each five-year increment, the eligible employees receive a certificate of recognition and an engraved lapel pin.

For more information on recognition programs, contact Tracy Hanson, Human Resources Assistant at (614) 525-6405.

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