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Ethics Policy

The Franklin County Board of Commissioners conducts business and requires all its employees to perform their duties in an ethical manner. We aspire to the ideals of honesty and truthfulness in our relationships, diligently pursuing the public interest to the best of our ability, subordinating self-interest to the public good, and treating all people with fairness and respect.

In addition to our aspirations, there are also rules to which we are all expected to adhere. Since we hold our positions as a public trust, we should act to maintain that trust ensuring the reality and perception that government is conducted according to the highest principles of honesty, integrity, and a concern for justice. We also must avoid conduct which undermines public trust by creating the perception that a government position has been used improperly. Certain conduct is prohibited including:

  • We may not use our public position for financial gain for (a) ourselves, (b) our households, or (c) a business with which we, or a member of our household, is associated.
  • We may not use County property or facilities for private benefit.
  • We may not use confidential information received because of our public position for private gain.
  • We may not solicit or receive a promise of future employment with the understanding the promise will influence our official action.
  • We may not solicit or receive a gift that will influence our official action.
  • We may not be engaged with outside employment that conflicts or interferes with our current job.

No set of rules can anticipate all problems. New technologies and situations may arise. Occasionally, rules may be in conflict or appear to conflict. Therefore, ethical decision-making should be carried out with as wide a discussion as possible. For any questions on ethics, talk with your supervisor or your director.

Kevin L. Boyce President
Marilyn Brown
John O'Grady