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As an Employee, you make Franklin County Work!

From entry level to management level, there are many ways that you can Make Government Work. Working in local government gives you the opportunity to develop your career and to make a difference in the lives of others. Friendly employees, generous benefits and a rewarding work experience make Franklin County Government a great place to work!

A few reasons why we are enthusiastic at Franklin County

  • Franklin County is influential and responsible for providing a wide range of services that affect all our lives. Local government can improve our communities. It houses, informs, educates, entertains and protects its citizens and maintains a well-balanced environment.
  • Franklin County is dynamic and exciting! It is constantly changing and is becoming increasingly competitive. There are demands to respond both to the needs of the communities we serve and the wishes of central government. For those working in local government there are new challenges every day.
  • Local government employees contribute to the community while working in a dynamic, fair and flexible environment. Whoever you are and whatever your background, working in local government gives you the opportunity not only to develop your career, but also to make a difference in people's lives.
  • Local government agencies are equal opportunity employers and have recruitment policies and practices which ensure that no person will be discriminated against for reasons of race, gender, culture, disability, language or marital status. This commitment to equality of opportunity and respect for diversity extends not only to employees, but also to service users.
  • As well as a fair and competitive salary and a variety of learning and development opportunities, there are many other benefits to which local government employees may be enrolled, such as health & wellness programs, retirement planning and work-life balance options.
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Marilyn Brown
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